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A Guide to Baby Supplies for Your Newborn There are many kinds of baby supplies

A Guide to Baby Supplies for Your Newborn

There are many kinds of baby supplies you can purchase for your newborn. But for new moms, they might have a difficult time deciding which are the baby essentials and which are not. For new moms here are the essential baby supplies that you need.

Diapers are the most obvious essential baby supply but most moms and dads may not know what type to choose and how much they need. You can buy reusable cloth diapers and disposable diapers. You alone will be able to determine what is good for your baby. You buy the type of diaper that you prefer.

Cloth diapers will require you to spend time washing and cleaning it. If you don’t mind washing cloth diapers daily, then you can save on this one because you buy it only once and keep on reusing it. While you keep on spending money on disposable diapers, it gives you the benefit of convenience. There is no easy solution here. It then only boils down to your personal preference and your financial condition.

The main issues here is keeping your baby clean and hygienic whatever type of diaper you choose. Get soft cloths that absorb water well. Dab the baby parts using cotton balls with alcohol, oil, or lotions from time to time.

Newborn babies sometimes develop heat rash and other skin conditions. These skin conditions are not really permanent and they are usually mild. It is best to ease the baby whenever there is discomfort. You can buy doctor-approved itch cream and petroleum jelly which can be useful in small sections for easing rough or dry spots.

During the first few days of newborn life, the umbilical cord may be a place for infection to enter the baby’s body. It is then important to care for it properly. Antibacterial ointment is important. You should also include the following in your first aid kit: gauze pads, bandage strips of different sizes, and a low stick adhesive tape.

The area surrounding your baby’s umbilical cord should always be clean and dry while the baby’s cord is healing. Make sure you have clean hands when you handle your baby’s umbilical cord. If the cord looks sticky or moist, clean the area at least once a day.

It is important to have a warm baby cloth and blanket. A cloth head covering is also important. Heat can be lost through the baby’s scallops. If you want to keep the harsh sunlight off your baby’s head and face, buy her a little bonnet or hat. When baby spits up and gets dirty, you would find it easier to change and clean her up if you make her wear soft t-shirts with large head openings and armholes.

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