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Factors To Consider When Driving Through A Dust Storm To Help You Survive. Due to

Factors To Consider When Driving Through A Dust Storm To Help You Survive.

Due to continued droughts in the summer, dust and sand storms tend to appear mostly. When driving and a dust storm appears, you cannot see far and it is not safe to continue driving. Many times when a dust storm appears, accidents occur and they may even claim lives. When a dust storms just appear on you on the road, consider some options on how you can remain safe and save your life and others in the vehicle. Below are some of the things to do when driving through a dust storm to help you survive.

Do not panic when you notice a dust storm appearing, as you may end up making poor choices that may cause you trouble.Turn on your car radio and listen to the severity of the situation from the authorities.

dust storms will not allow you to move, so when you notice it appears the best thing is to pull over at the side of the road. If the dust storm gets you off guard, do not stop at the travel lane, instead, reduce the speed and use the painted lane to guide you and pull over at a safe place.

Your car lights can attract another driver looking for direction and they can end up colliding with your car, so always remember to turn off your lights when you pull over. Always keep your car doors closed and be on safety belts all the time during the storm.

Keep your radio on as you wait for the storm to pass, and follow up on how the situation is. Sounds may be the only thing that other driver can identify you with during the storm, so keep sounding your horn repeatedly to notify them.

Do not rush to get back into the road, but ensure your vision is clear even for about 300 feet before starting the journey once more. The storm leaves behind heaps of dust on the road so be careful to drive slowly. As you get back on the road remember that a heavy rain always follow a dust storm so drive safely.

You can always keep extra food and warm clothes at the back of your car, to be prepared for the storm. Like the famous scout motto, be prepared always, you never know when the storm appears so be prepared.

Weather stations always give updates about the storm so always listen to the radio. The daily weather forecasts give you warnings of what may happen, so always check them before driving out. The storm takes a few minutes but it can have great impacts, so take proper safety measures to remain safe and save lives. Fear does not allow you to make the right decisions, and with blurred vision during the storm, you can cause life loss so be calm to handle it properly.

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