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Top San Francisco Music Venues You Should Try Always consider hearing what great music the

Top San Francisco Music Venues You Should Try

Always consider hearing what great music the city of San Francisco offers if you intend to be going to this place at some point in your life. It seems that this city is never short of music for your hearing pleasure if you must. The list of reasons to visit San Francisco is endless but one of the key points to what this kind of city offers will have to be the San Francisco music venues that they have. This city is rich in various musical genres from blues, gospel, jazz, soul, punk, new wave, house music, hip-hop, and the list goes on. This city is rich in cutting-edge music and never just about the mainstream. In this city, you can simply visit a cafe and listen to some Spanish guitar playing, or stay comfy in a bar perch and listen to some jazz music, or be part of the hippie culture and check out some jam bands. No matter what kind of music you are feeling and wanting to listen in this city, rest assured that there will be San Francisco music venues that will be giving you international stars to underground artists without having to book any tickets at all. So, even if you are just passing by this city or spending the weekend visiting your loved ones, there is no doubt that you will be enjoying your time listening to unique music and those musical genres that just fit your listening preferences perfectly. This article will give you some of the top San Francisco music venues you should try.

If you want to experience classic San Francisco music, then be sure to try the Fillmore. A lot of legends in the music industry have made their launch here. This music venue has even been made much more popular thanks to other music legends who have frequently performed here. With its high quality sound systems and amazing stage, any musical performer will be bringing in the psychedelic ghosts of the city. You may choose to dance the night away with how spacious this music venue with a room capacity of about a thousand people. You can also check out their bar upstairs.

Another one of the San Francisco music venues that you should be visiting for the best musical experience will be The Revolution Cafe. The whole theme of this music venue is based upon European style that is open air and cozy. The crowd is of a free-spirited and funky type. In here, you will feel as if you are part of the more artistic crowd where you can see individuals freely jamming on the piano and writing some poetry. What is great about this venue is the fact that there will always be free live music each day. The whole laidback setting lets you enjoy a cigarette outside or while inside enjoy an espresso or beer and drift in and out a book or two.

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