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Devices Which Employ the Use of Embedded Computers A device which performs various tasks through

Devices Which Employ the Use of Embedded Computers

A device which performs various tasks through the use of programs is known as a computer. Embedding is the act of attaching something to another one. An embedded computer, unlike a general computer, is attached to other devices. The main benefit of having embedded computers is to control the functions of the device it has been attached to. Unlike a general computer which can carry out various tasks, the embedded computer performs only one task. A user can install his/her own application software on a general computer but cannot do so on an embedded computer since its code is found on the ROM. The following are modern uses of embedded computers.

Embedded computers are used in healthcare. The advancement in technology has improved the healthcare industry very much. The use of embedded computers in healthcare has brought significant improvements. A good example is the wearable devices. With the help of the wearable devices, one can easily determine changes in the blood pressure and heartbeat rate. The wearable devices do not use wires.

Today, electronics have embedded computers. The smart TVs are internet-enabled. The smart TVs are also updated online. This is facilitated by an embedded computer. Today, cameras make use of embedded computers. The camera is able to take some photos, print the photos and upload them on the social media platforms or even to the cloud. The camera embedded computers also enables a user to download the latest camera features.

Embedded computers are used in offices. The printers in the modern offices have computers embedded onto them. The embedded computers on the modern printers have eliminated the need of using wires. The printer has a screen and buttons which are used in controlling the quality and the number of the documents to be printed. The printers can be controlled wirelessly and remotely.

The embedded computers have eased industrial processes. Today, the industrial processes are more efficient. For example, mixing of paints is now done by the use of machines which have embedded computers. An automated teller machine (ATM) also has an automated computer. In an ATM the embedded computer gives a user interface and after the user keys in about his/her bank details, the ATM will dispense the exact amount of money.

Embedded computers are also found in modern vehicles. By the use of embedded computers, a car can now be steered without a driver. The embedded computer enables the car to keep a safe distance from other cars on the highway, control the speed and brake whenever necessary. In vehicles, the embedded computers can also control other features such as the suspension, temperatures, and security systems.

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