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A Guide for Buying Used Durable Medical Equipment. In the event that the home or

A Guide for Buying Used Durable Medical Equipment.

In the event that the home or durable medical equipment you need are not covered by your medical insurance, you have to use your own money in completing the purchase.Given how expensive some are, you can reduce the price by half if you choose to buy a used one. Even so, it does not mean you should purchase just anything. When you are careful about what you are purchasing, you won’t end up with a good for nothing item. A lot of mobility aids and assisted living equipment will have to be fitted according to the needs of the person. However, you can inspect them to know whether they will serve you well. Some items will have the sizing information printed on them while for others you have to complete the search on your own and this is information you can find on the websites of the manufacturer’s.Make sure you know the weight and height considered in making the purchase. Even if you are buying a used DME, it is very possible for it to be custom fitted for you. Try to go for free professional fitting or subsidized services to avoid paying a high bill.

You also have to ensure that the item does work properly. You will be able to pick obvious shortcoming on some items like wheelchairs or walkers if they are not in a great condition. You want an experienced person to let you know more about the calibration process used in specific items like oxygen calibrators. Do not just be happy that there are calibrations but you should also ensure they are correct. When it comes to repairs, you do not want to face a lot of problems just because you have no way of finding the replacement parts which is why you should consider the availability of replacement parts. For hygienic purposes, you should not be buying anything that has not been sterilized. In case this is not possible, assess how easier it will be for you to do the job on your own. Disassembling and assembling the parts should happen with the help of the previous owner so that you won’t suffer when you are on your own. You should insist on a return policy in case the item is not up to standard. It would be helpful if you ask about re-sell as well.

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